I am a grad student in architecture at the University of Washington in Seattle with a background in geography. I complete work at the intersection of these disciplines on "emancipatory architecture". For me, this means examining those spaces produced in response to oppression and reiterating their significance, especially in built design. 

In the past, I explored how such themes are discussed among urbanists in the Middle East, and I conducted research in Amman, Jordan. More recently, I've focused on spaces of migration.

Beyond my studies, I'm a cartographer. I manage a small cart shop, and I'd love to make your next map! 


  • University of Washington
    M.Arch (Expected '20)
  • Middlebury College '14
    B.A. in Geography with a Minor in Arabic
    Magna Cum Laude, Mellon Research Grant
  • Al Jami'ah Al Urdunia (Spring '13)
  • Middlebury Arabic School (Summer '12)


  • Cartographer
    I established a cartorgraphy shop, producing maps for a variety of clients, in addition to well-made prints available in stores and online.
  • Middlebury College Department of Geography
    I completed literature reviews, compiled news media, and wrote reports for Tamar Mayer's research on Uyghur nationalism in Xinjiang.
  • Monmouth County Division of Planning
    I researched and analyzed geographic data, as well as updated databases related to cycling, mass transit, flood insurance, and local history.
  • Middlebury Campus Newspaper
    I redesigned the publication's website and oversaw archive restoration; I also managed a team of editors in multimedia production.


  • Seattle Poetic Grid
    I am working with Seattle's Civic Poet Claudia Castro Luna and Amrita Mazumdar (UW CSE) to develop an interactive map of poetry about different spaces throughout the city.
  • Towards an Emancipatory Architecture
    Case Study 1: "Library as Sanctuary"


  • Woolston, G. T., Ed. (2016). Architectures of Migration: A Survey of Displacements, Routes, and Arrivals. ARCADE, 34(2), 24-48. (Link)
  • Woolston, G. T. (2014, October). Place and Space Down the Shore. Gallery presented at Cowerks, Asbury Park, NJ.
  • Woolston, G. T. (2014, May). Souk Abdali: (An)Other Space in Neoliberal Amman. Paper presented at the Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs, Middlebury, VT.


  • Language Experience: English (Native),
    Arabic (Advanced)
  • Technical Experience: Adobe Creative Suite, CartoDB, Esri ArcGIS 10.2 (Spatial Analyst), Microsoft Office Suite, QGIS Valiera, SQL